• Corona Virus affect the survival of China glass companies

    China glass companies are undergoing a life-and-death test caused by the corona virus. For glass companies, the crisis caused by the corona virus is only temporary, and the coming of the historical turning point in real estate demand is the real life and death test. 1. The delayed resumption of real estate affected by the corona virus has caused historical highest inventory in the China glass industry,currently the float glass stocks in China reach 4.30 million tons. According to statistics from…

  • W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

    The main function of large scale greenhouse is planting and farming,the most common greenhouse glass is 3/3.2/4mm low iron tempered glass,AR coating is optional to increase the light transmittance and solar energy. While personal or household greenhouse, conservatory use insulated glass instead of single piece tempered safety glass,the main consideration of this kinds of conservatory is :thermal insulation and high light transmittance. Traditional single silver low-E or double silver low-E can only reach 75% and 67% light transmittance and best…


    Mirror is used in every family,the most common used mirror is silver mirror,aluminium mirror,copper free mirror.Now days with the development of customers,new LED smart mirror is developed to meet the high end requirement of hotels,houses,villas. LED mirror ,or LED smart mirror component: Mirror: The perfect mirror used is copper free mirror,5mm is enough to meet daily requirement. Round corners and straight corners are used according to the final shape of mirrors. Mirror colors, clear mirror,bronze mirror,gray mirror,any color is OK…

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