• Coating types on Building Glass

    Coating types on Building Glass The original function of glass,is just covering, protect the house from rains,snows,winds,With the development of technology,many kinds of coatings are developed to suite different requirement,such as energy saving,thermal insulation,etc.This article will guide you the coating types and the function of coatings. Energy Saving ,thermal insulation coatings The energy consumed by the air conditioners account most building energy consumption.Single piece glass U value reaches 5.8W/,M2.K,.Modern buildings especially high rise commercial buildings require energy saving glass to…

  • What’s vacuum glass?

    What’s vacuum glass? Vacuum glass is newly developed glass products,even though it’s really new in the market,but is expected to be the best thermal insulation glass products in the future and replace the current insulated glass.This article will introduce the vacuum glass,its advantage and the market in the next years. Then what’s vacuum glass? Same as normal insulated glass,the vacuum glass is also made with 2 pieces single piece glass and spacer.The glass can be clear,low iron glass,silk screen glass,low-E coated…

  • Safety glass types

    Safety glass types There are currently four types of safety glass on the market: tempered glass, laminated glass,heat strengthened laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. Laminated glass peis more expensive, while tempered glass is relatively cheap. 1.Tempered glass When the tempered glass is broken, the entire glass is broken into small particles, which can minimize the damage to people. It’s widely used in shower rooms,facade spandrel,glass table,balustrades etc. 2.Laminated glass As a kind of safety glass, laminated glass has the…

  • Why insulated glass cannot decrease the traffic noise?

    Why insulated glass cannot decrease the traffic noise? With the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, the requirements for the acoustic environment of living also continue to increase. In the process of controlling traffic noise pollution, glass manufacturers are vigorously promoting insulated glass windows. The insulated glass is composed of two layers of single glass with a 9mm or 12mm air gap in the middle. Due to the special structure of this glass, most consumers think that insulated glass is…

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