• How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle?

    How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle? In most projects,glass is installed vertically.With high performance silver low-E coating,the insulated glass on the vertical facade will decrease the solar energy transmitted the glass,and save air conditioner heating and cooling fees. While many architects have designed many unique facades,the facade is not 90° vertically,but with some slopes,and glass is also used in skylight to get more light transmittance.But will the insulated glass thermal insulation performance change in this…

  • What’s the difference between XPS, EPS,PU?

    What’s the difference between XPS, EPS,PU? For structural insulation panel ,EPS,XPS and PU are mostly widely used core,many clients don’t know exactly what materials they are ,what advantage and disadvantage of different core,here we offer some info: EPS:Expanded polystyrene.Mixing polystyrene resin with foaming agent, after heating processing,the resin will forming a rigid closed-cell foam. Structural insulation panels (SIP) WITH OSB and EPS board XPS:Extruded polystyrene.It is continuously extruded and foamed by a special process. The hard film formed on the…

  • FAQ about insulated glass

    FAQ about insulated glass 1.High SC and low SC,which one is better? Glass with different SC are suitable for different climate areas.Higher SC will decrease the heating costs in winter by allowing more solar energy through the glass,this glass suites for long winter areas.Lower SC value will decrease the solar energy and suits for hot areas,such as middle east,Southeast Asia. 2.What’s the feature of low e glass. a.High infrared reflective. b.Low e value,with low capability of absorbing solar energy. c.Various…

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