• Interesting Sliding glass KITS

    These days I found this on website: an easy and simple sliding kits made of glass,sliding channels and certain hardware. The whole system is quite easy and also easy to operation.Compared with popular sliding windows and doors,it saves the aluminium profile costs ,and installation costs,the opening area can be controlled. But disadvantage is: 1.Tempered glass is easy to get dirty and need frequent maintenance. 2.Wind resistance,water tightness and air tightness is poor,so it should be used as interior decoration. 3.Can…

  • Fuyao Glass Group-Focusing on glass industry

    Recently, a documentary named “American factory” which introduced Fuyao Glass has received wide attention and heated discussion. In reality, whether its factory in America or China,Fuyao Glass’s achievements are gratifying. Recently, Fuyao’s 2019 semi-annual report revealed that under the background of slowing global economic growth, increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy and sustained negative growth in the auto industry, Fuyao achieved operating income of 10.287 billion yuan in the first half of this year, an increase by 2%. Innovation…

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