• How to install capillary tube on glass correctly?

    How to install capillary tube on glass correctly? Capillary tube is used in insulated glass to balance the air pressure inside and outside of insulted glass to avoid glass contract or expand after installation. Sometimes insulated glass production area altitude is quite different from the areas to be installed.If produced in seaside while the installation area latitude is over 1000M high,or produced in high altitude areas while used in seaside.For area pressure reason, glass will expand or shrink after installation,then…

  • Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

    Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification As new energy,solar glass is now widely used in building curtain wall, photovoltaic roof, sunshade, solar power system and many other fields.Here we illustrate the classification of the solar glass: Solar glass is divided into two categories, one is ultra-white rolled glass used in crystalline silicon cells, and the other is applied to thin-film batteries. 1.Traditional solar glass with silicon cells. The glass is made with ultra clear rolled glass to take the most advantage of…

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