• SIP-Structural Insulated Panels

    SIP(structural insulated panels) is now widely used as wall,ceiling,floor,partition,movable house,container houses and roof house construction in USA,Europe,Japan.As new materials, SIP is made with surface panels (options:OSB,MGO) and thermal insulation core(options:XPS,EPS,PU). Features: 1) High strength 2) Low deformation, delamination or warping 3) No rotten or decay, strong against corrosion and fire 4) Water proof 5) Low formaldehyde emission 6) Good nailing strength 7) Good heat and sound resistant 8) Excellent thermal insulation performance 9) Easy installation 10)Fire resisitant Surface options: a. OSB -Oriented Strand Board. Manufactured from waterproof heat-cured adhesives and rectangular shape…

  • WR93 Passive House Aluminium Windows

    The Passive House comes from the German term Passivhaus, which was first used by Sweden Professors Bo Adamson and Germany Wolfgang Feist, and has continued to be used since the first Passivhaus dwellings were built in Darmstadt in 1991. Passive house doors and windows are a systematic high-tech product combination, which is a door and window product that achieves certain energy-saving and environmental protection standards in the main physical properties such as airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation, heat preservation and heat…

  • What’s the best U value of insulated glass?

    Insulated glass is widely used in curtain wall,glass wall ,high rise buildings.The most common glass combination is 6-12A-6 with double silver low-E,U value is around 1.6w/m2.k. Double silver low-E has the highest cost performance.reference price for : single silver low-E IGU- USD22.5/SQM, double silver low-E- USD26.5/SQM, triple silver low-E- USD45/SQM. While passive building is becoming more and more popular in European countries,the passive building windows&doors U value is usually below 0.8w/m2.k and even sometimes below 0.6W/m2.k. Then how we can…


    Most China windows systems are designed for high rise buildings,so most aluminium windows&system windows profiles are usually very wide to resist high wind load. In European countries,slim aluminium profile windows system is becoming more and more popular.To meet the requirement of high end slim windows requirement,Morn now is able to cooperate with Waren and supply slimline frame windows to clients. This unique and expertly designed ultra slim window system offers the the perfect combination of exceptionally slim line window frames,Making…

  • Spider/Railing/Bathroom Hardware

    Morn offer all kinds of Spider and handrail hardware made of SUS304, SUS316 for your projects.products including stair handrails,balcony systems,balcony fences,point supported facade spider,point support facade systems,glass panel railing system,frameless glass system,modular railing system,handrail and bracket system,spider fittings,point supported glass system,point supported glass curtain wall system,spider system hardware,spider fitting series,spider glazing,spider fixings ,structural glass wall,tension rod spider,spider glazing curtain wall,spider glazing systems,morn strive to be your best hardware supplier,shower rooms in China. Pointed Supported Glass Facade Spider Fittings: SUS304/316 made…

  • Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

    Morn’s Polyurethane sandwich panels are produced by Italian production line,with the world most advanced manufacturing technology,our polyurethane panels has high precision,integrated precision and convenient adjustment,energy efficient,environmental protection. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel-PU SANDWICH PANEL Thickness options:50mm,75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm Surface steel thickness: 0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm Wall Panel options:Concave PU wall panel,small wave PU wall panel,wide reinforcement PU wall panel,Mirror surface PU wall panel Roof panel options:Three waves PU sandwich roof panel,four wave PU roof panel Features: a.Light,innovative and beautiful appearance.The weight is generally from 10kg/m2 to 14kg/m2,which…

  • Glass Rack Supply/Facade Module Dry Rack

    Glass racks is widely used in glass and windows industry. The racks allow clients to place semi-finished glass products,finished glass products and transport in workshop,it can also been delivered to any site easily. Features: 1.Steel structure, solid and strong ,long lifetime. 2.Elegant design,perfect weight balance. 3.Bespoke size to fit different requirement. 4.Different shape options: A shape,L shape,and low costs disposable series fit developed countries clients. 5.Optional wheels:Fixed direction wheels&rotary wheels that allow clients to move the glass and rack easily….

  • Facade&glass industry related Machines&Tools Supply

    With superior experience in glass and facade materials industry,Morn is able to build good relationship with all kinds of machine and tools factories,we’re pleased to offer below products for clients all over the world. Glass loading and unloading tools: The tools helps clients to load and unload containers of glass within 30 Mins. TOYOTA-Tailift forklift Tailift forklift helps clients to unload and handle heavy crate packed glass and cut to size glass products. Laminated Glass cutting line The laminated glass…


    Tailift has been providing reliable and competitive material handling products for over 30 years.The origin of the Tailift Group dates back to 1973 in the machining tools industry in Taiwan. The Tailift Group began designing and manufacturing forklift in 1987 under the Tailift brand. In 2014, the Tailift Group was ranked by TMHI as the 15th largest forklift supplier globally. In 2015, the Tailift Group material handling division entered joint venture with TOYOTA Industries Corporation and become a member of the Toyota Industries…

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