• The reasons for argon leakage for Insulated glass

    The argon filled insulated glass can improve the thermal insulation performance and sound insulation performance of the insulated glass, reduce the dew point of the insulated glass, prevent oxidation of the coated glass, and reduce the amount of failure of the insulated glass due to the stress . Maintaining argon gas that has been filled into the interior of the double glazed units glass for a long time is very beneficial for maintaining good performance of the insulated glass and…

  • The advantage of glass greenhouse

    Glass greenhouses are expensive compared with other greenhouses and are suitable for large-scale ecotourism parks. The glass greenhouse has beautiful appearance, smooth visual flow, strong wind load capacity and large displacement, and is suitable for areas with high wind and rainfall. Here are the advantages and uses of the glass greenhouse: Advantages of the glass greenhouse: 1. Evenly distributed light in the room: the triangular roof of the large slope (that is, there is only one triangular roof in one…

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