• Warm edge space insulated glass production

    Warm edge space insulated glass production Traditional insulated glass are made with glass,spacer,buytl sealant and structural sealant,the function of butyl sealant is to increase the watertight and airtight,the structural sealant is used to increase the structure strength of the insulated glass,especially for some facade IGU ,the size can reach 4000*1500mm,the glass need very high strength to keep the structure of insulated glass. Recent years,warm edge spacer,or super spacer insulated glass is more popular.The warm edge combine the advantage of butyl,desiccant,and…

  • PDLC smart glass supply-Morn

    PDLC smart glass supply-Morn Smart glass,or switchable glass is widely used in indoor conference room,shower rooms,office privacy protection and many other projects,it’s now a very popular new glass that can protect privacy and create secret environment. Smart glass can be classified into 3 types: electrochromic smart glass, thermochromic smart glass and photochromic smart glass. Electrochromic smart glass is most widely used now with several different types: a.PDLC type, The transparent and translucent conversion is realized by controlling the liquid crystal…

  • Aluminium windows VS PVC windows

    Aluminium windows VS PVC windows The innovation of thermal break aluminium profiles,makes thermal insulation of aluminium windows much more energy efficient with high performance double glazed units and can compete PVC ones,based on similar energy efficient performance,there’re many more advantages compared with PVC windows. 1.Fire resistant performance Aluminium is non combustible materials,it can withstand high temperature which can provide more protection in case of fire. Here is a video showing the difference when fire happened,thanks “Ventanas y Puertas de Aluminio”…

  • How to calculate the glass STC?

    How to calculate the glass STC? One of the features of glass is sound proof,whether it’s single glazing, laminated glass,insulated glass or even laminated insulated,the glass can reduce the sounds transferrd from outdoor to indoor. The order of sound insulation performance from poor to excellent is: monolithic glass < laminated glass <double insulated glass < triple insulating glass< laminated insulated glass. Here we introduce a simple formula to calculate the glass STC-sound transmission class. 1.Monolithic glass Formula: R=13.5lgM+13 R:Monolithic glass…

  • Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3

    Low e coating position-Surface #2 VS Surface #3 Most low e coatings for insulated glass are placed on surface #2,but some projects have the low e coating on surface #3,but what’s the difference if we place the coating on #2 and #3? Here we’ll introduce how the low e coating position affect the glass performance. Main difference: 1.Different SC value. Based on above data,SC value changed much based on different position.So clients should adjust the coating position according to the…

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