• Glass Tempering handbook

    Glass Tempering handbook Mr Jonathan Barr is a qualified Electrical Engineer and worked for 20 years with Glasstech as their Electrical Engineer being involved with trouble-shooting tempering systems around the world. Jonathan retired from Glasstech as General Manager in 2003 and continued to travel extensively as an independent consultant on glass tempering systems.. He was initially trained by the RAF as an electronic systems engineer on aircraft automatic flight controls. He served 25 years and for 4 years was stationed…

  • Fireproof glass types and classification

    Fireproof glass types and classification Fireproof glass is now widely used in the construction and household industries. Such as: architectural windows and doors,partition walls, skylights, smoke blocking wall, perspective floor,exterior walls, outdoor,windows,fire-proof glass frameless door; building patio, atrium,etc. Compared with traditional architectural glass,fireproof glass(or fire rated glass) is relatively new,some glass processors are not really understand the fireproof glass very well,fire-rated glass manufacturers usually named their fire resistant glass with unique code and don’t leak detailed glass configuration to clients,This…

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