• Ultra clear PVB for ultra clear laminated glass

    Ultra clear PVB for ultra clear laminated glass Ultra clear glass,or low iron glass has higher transmittance compared with normal clear glass. It offers elegant crystal like appearance ,but when it was made into low iron PVB laminated glass,the PVB will usually become yellow color and affect the overall light transmittance and appearance especially when 4 or more layer PVB used. To solve this problem,ultra clear PVB was invented to meet the high transmittance -ultra clear requirement. Trosifol launched ultra clear…

  • Advantage of PVDF aluminium panel

    Advantage of PVDF aluminium panel The PVDF coated aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy panel, and the advanced CNC bending technology ensures that the sheet is flat and not deformed after processing, and the external force resistance is superior in the installation process of the aluminum veneer. PVDF coated aluminum veneers are used in exterior curtain wall. Features of PVDF coated aluminum panel: 1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength. The 3.0mm thick aluminum plate weighs 8kg…

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