• Glass staircase -glass types and configuration

    Traditional staircase are usually cements,ceramic one,but if your design a staircase that is made of glass,the whole visual effect and elegant appearance will be much brilliant. Here we introduce the glass configurations of staircase glass and some special treatment to the staircase. 1.Glass configuration. Safety is the most important consideration when you design a glass staircase,but because tempered glass will be numerous fragments after breaking,so laminated glass is priority. Typical staircase configuration is: 10+1.52PVB+10 tempered laminated glass 12+1.52PVB/2.28PVB+12 tempered laminated…

  • What’s acid etched glass?

    Acid etched glass is a kind of annealed glass that is treated with hydrofluoric acid to make the glass surface a frosted appearance. The frosted appearance can be fully frosted,partial frosted ,and even some patterns can be etched on glass surface. Acid etching is quite different from sandblasted glass because the finished surface is much smoother and easier to maintain. The glass can also better withstand stress and stay smudge-free longer. Because of its long life, acid-etched glass can be…

  • Shower door glass types

    More and more people and hotels use frameless shower rooms,it create a clean and bright environment for your shower space,here is a summary of glass types for your shower rooms: 1.Clear tempered glass. Clear Tempered glass is the most widely used glass in shower room. The advantage is high strength,the strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of clear float glass,the glass will become small fragments that don’t cause injury,relative low price and easy production. While the disadvantage is,there’ll…

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