• Factors that caused glass curtain wall visual distortion

    Factors that caused glass curtain wall visual distortion Glass sheets and processing factors  Glass sheets(raw float glass) The glass image we usually see is an image that is reflected back through the glass. Measuring the optical distortion of the float glass is the zebra angle. China’s float glass standard requires that the architectural grade glass zebra angle reach 50 degrees, and the automotive grade and mirror grade glass requirements are more than 60 degrees. The zebra angle of foreign high-grade float glass can…

  • Safety potential of glass curtain wall

    Glass curtain wall is a unique design in modern architecture. One of the biggest advantage of the  glass curtain walls is that the use of various energy-efficient curtain wall glass greatly reduces the energy consumption of buildings.Many projects have been plagued by glass curtain walls. Some glass curtain walls with unreasonable design, material selection and construction have received wide attention from all walks of life due to problems such as glass breakage, glass fall, and water leakage. Due to various unreasonable applications,…

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