• Vacuum Insulating Glass – Past, Present and Prognosis

    Copyright:Richard Collins; University of Sydney, First presented at GPD 2017 General description of Vacuum Insulating Glass Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG), illustrated in Figure 1, is simply conventional insulating glazing (IG) with an evacuated space between the two glass sheets [1, 2, 3]. (Note: Due to space limitations, most of the references in this paper are to review papers, which contain source references.) VIG achieves high levels of thermal insulation using the same principles as the Dewar flask – the vacuum…

  • Advantage of vacuum glass

    Vacuum glass as a new generation of energy-efficient glass, vacuum glass has heat transfer performance advantages,the glass takes advantage of the low thermal conductivity of air. In terms of heat transfer,the thermal conductivity of the air or filled argon has small thermal conductivity. Insulated glass dominates gas heat transfer, so that the effect of improving LOW-E glass performance to reduce radiant heat is not obvious. Insulated glass made of the best LOW-E glass (such as emissivity ≤ 0.1) is filled…

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