• LOW-E Glass Processing Instruction

    Morn offers all kinds of low e coated glass:Single silver low e,double silver low e and triple silver low e,to be your turnkey building glass supplier,here is a low e coated glass processing instruction to help insulated glass manufacturers decreasing defective ratio and save costs during processing low e glass. INDEX 1.Packaging,Transportation,Storage 1.1 Packaging 1.2 Transportation 1.3 Storage 2.Basic processing requirement 3.Processing instructions 3.1 Unloading 3.2 Unpacking 3.3 Cutting 3.4 Edging,Drilling 3.5 Washing 3.6 Tempering&Heat Strengthening 3.7 Insulating 4.FAQ &Matters…

  • Glass Classification

    Tempered glass. It is processed by ordinary clear float glass. Tempered glass has two major characteristics compared to clear float glass: 1) The strength is several times that of clear float glass, the tensile strength is three times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than five times that of the float glass. 2) Tempered glass is not easy to be broken, even if it is broken, it will be broken in the form of particles without sharp angles,…

  • The history of glass

    The glass is originally obtained by solidification of acidic rocks ejected from volcanoes. Around 3,700 BC, the ancient Egyptians had made glass ornaments and simple glassware. At that time, only colored glass was produced. About 1000 BC, China made colorless glass. In the 12th century AD, commercial glass appeared and began to become an industrial material. In the 18th century, optical glass was produced to meet the needs of developing telescopes. In 1873, Belgium first produced flat glass. In 1906,…

  • The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse

    Glass has been used as primary glazing materials for greenhouse for long times because of its high light transmittance and longevity.Compared with other glazing materials, glass has high price and has poor thermal insulation properties.Although glass high daylight transmits , most of that light penetrates through the glazing directly;only little are diffused light. Therefore, glass-glazed greenhouse has better lighting than most other glazing choices, on sunny days the uniformity of that light is poor since the structure and overhead obstructions (heat pipes, hanging baskets, etc.) solid distinct shadows on crops below. Diffused glass is usually low iron patterned glass that scattering the sunshine. A challenge is to prevent dust from accumulating without scratching…

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