• The application of capillary tube in double glazed units

    The application of capillary tube in double glazed units Generally, both the production and installation of the insulated glass are in the same or very similar latitude range. Under the same conditions, the air pressure in the double glazed unitsis always the same as the external pressure. But when the insulating glass is made at low latitudes such as sea level and then installed at a higher latitude, if we still simply assume that the pressure inside the insulating glass is…

  • How to improve the yield of tempered glass?

    How to improve the yield of tempered glass? Tempered glass is widely visible in everyday life. There are more and more glass processing enterprises producing tempered glass. How to effectively improve the yield of tempered glass is a problem that all glass deep processing enterprises have always been concerned about.         To improve the yield of tempered glass, the following must be done: First, the glass must be edging before tempering. The quality of glass edging plays a decisive role in…

  • Glass mildew:reasons,appearance and identification

    Glass mildew:reasons,appearance and identification Glass mildew is an industrial problem in the glass industry. Every spring and summer, due to the high temperature and high humidity,glass mildew is easy happen. Therefore, how to prevent glass mildew has become the top priority of many glass processors.  Reasons for glass mold: Glass is mostly made of quartz sand (SiO2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone (CaCO3) and feldspar, in which SiO2 (about 72%), Na2O (about 15%) and CaO (about 9%), so called soda-lime glass, is widely used because of…

  • Knowledge about Low e glass

    Knowledge about Low e glass Low e glass features and application LOW-E glass is not low, but commonly known as “low-emissivity glass”, is a vacuum magnetic sputtering coating on the surface of the glass it’s a low-emission metal film and metal compound film, the coating has a high light transmittance, Excellent thermal insulation and good light transmission.  noise reduction, sound insulation and UV protection functions. low e glass main features are: 1. Excellent thermal performance Doors and windows using low…

  • Glass classification common sense ,Features and ,application

    Glass classification common sense ,Features and ,application Glass is usually used in the home decoration. The effect of glass is also different depending on the type of glass. If the  clear transparent float glass window is replaced with colored glass such as blue or green or brown in the decoration, The following small tips will introduce you to the decorative material – glass. Tinted glass also known as endothermic glass, which usually blocks about 50% of sunlight. For example, 6 mm…

  • The factors affecting double glazed units quality

    The factors affecting insulated glass(double glazed units) quality 1.Glass cleanness and dry. 2.Washing machine water temperature,water volume,water quality and purity. 3.The dirt inside double glazed units 4.Coating position. 5.Aluminium spacer bar cleanness 6.The flatness of tempered and curved glass 7.The cleanness and trimming of laminated glass before insulating. 8.Butyl quality and workmanship. 9.The insulating panels cleanness,pressure,balance, inside insulating line. 10.Secondary sealant-silicon sealant quality. Morn building materials is your turnkey architectural glass partner.

  • The features of double glazed units

    The features of insulated glass(double glazed units): 1.Thermal insulation and energy saving. The glass thermal conductivity is 0.688 while the air thermal conductivity is 0.027,glass has 27 times higher thermal conductivity than air.The air gap between double glazed units can take advantage of the low thermal conductivity inside to decrease thermal conductivity. To increase the double glazed units thermal insulation performance,glass coatings are suggested to be applied,see how the glass performance will be at here: Glass Performance Data For Laminated&DGU…

  • Dry racks for facade module panels

    Dry racks for facade module panels Morn is able to supply assemble glass dry racks for your unitized facade projects. China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

  • Materials& component of double glazed units

    Materials& component of insulated glass(double glazed units) 1.Spacer:aluminium spacer,stainless spacer,warm edge spacer,superspacer, The function is to be filled with desiccant,forming the air spacer between glass lites. 2.Glass Desiccant:Most widely used are 3A desiccant. The function is to absorb moisture inside glass and keep inside dry.The water content inside glass should be below 0.1%,or IGU will have dew. 3.Buytl sealant: Excellent water tightness and air tightness. Main function is to prevent water and air penetration into glass. 4.Secondary sealant: Main function…

  • Factors that affect laminated glass quality

    Factors that affect laminated glass quality The reasons for laminated glass quality are: Glass cleanness &dry: water marks,dirt,oils mark. Tempered glass flatness. Glass direction during pre-laminating. Laminating room cleanness,temperature,humidity. PVB moisture content. PVB thickness and layer qty. Over extension of PVB during laminating ,or unreasonable extra PVB length. Improper laminating techniques. China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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