HIGH SCHOOL GREENHOUSE Project Name:HIGH SCHOOL GREENHOUSE Project Type:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type: 6 MSE0185 low e Tempered +12A+6 Clear float tempered

  • KIA STORE-Point support Glass Facade

    KIA STORE-Point support Glass Facade Project Name:KIA-Ensenada Project Type:Point fixed/Point support glass facade Location:Mexico Glass Type: 12mm low iron tempered glass 19mm low iron tempered glass

  • How to select the right energy efficient glass?

    How to select the right energy efficient glass? Architectural glass is widely used in our daily life,such as glass greenhouse/conservatory-Single piece tempered glass,Glass balustrade/canopy-laminated glass,Glass curtain wall-double glazed units.But glass a good thermal conductive material,Heat conduction through the glass occurs every second causing energy loss.In buildings, 1/3 of the energy is lost through the conduction of glass. Energy efficiency has increasingly valued by architects and developers to minimize the energy consumption of the building. 1 Main parameters of glass energy…

  • Tempered glass and NIS

    Tempered glass and NIS Tempered glass is easy to self explosion. “self-explosion” is the unavoidable problem of tempered glass,In fact, tempered glass is not horrible, and the potential self-explosion of tempered glass has always been the focus of attention. Source of nickel in glass 2.1 During the installation process of the float production line, the cleanliness of the nickel compound in the furnace has not received much attention from the float glass producers, mainly including the weld head and welding…

  • The defects of coated glass and solutions

    The defects of coated glass and solutions Off-line(soft coated) magnetron sputter coated glass can be divided into two categories: solar control glass and low e glass. The defects ratios of them are different. The following describes the defects and solutions for these two categories of products. 1. solar control glass,solar reflective glass, common defects and solutions Solar Control Coated Glass: A coated glass that has a certain control effect on sunlight with a wavelength of 350 to 1800 nm. It…

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