• Factors that affect laminated glass quality

    The factors affect laminated glass quality  1.Glass clean&dry-dirt,oil,water mark. 2.Glass flatness. 3.Glass direction during squeezing process. 4.The environment of laminating rooms:Temperature,moisture,humidity. 5.Water content of PVB interlayers. 6.Interlayer thickness,layer quantity. 7.Over tensile of interlayer,or insufficient extra interlayer left during laminating. Quality laminated glass has long term lifetime,Morn ‘s strictly selected processors and factories will guarantee high quality laminated glass and offer 10 years warranty time for Kuarary,Trisofol laminated glass. China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

  • The reason of tempered glass self explosion

    The reason of tempered glass self explosion The self explosion rate of architectural glass is about 3‰,reasons as below: 1.The Nis inside the glass. 2.Stones or other inpurity inside the glass. 3.The uneven compression inside the tempered glass. 4.Over tempered,high compression. 5.Scratches,chips before tempering. To help prevent the self explosion of architectural tempered glass,please consider heat soak test for your tempered glass especially when glass is installed in high rise projects or the applications where it’s difficult to replace.After heat…

  • Architectural Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass

    Architectural Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass: Before toughening process, monolithic glass can be enhanced: ♦ Appearance enhancement: Enhancement- Appearance ♦ Color Enhancement: Enhancement- Color ♦ Performance Enhancement: Enhancement-coating Features: ♦ Strength: 3-5 times higher strength than float/annealed glass. ♦ Safety:Will become small particle fragment after breaking. ♦ Can be made into curved tempered glass to fit design. Applications:  Exterior Application: Glass Facade,Glass Spandrel,  Spider Glazing/point supported-Glass Fin/Mullion ,Glass Greenhouse/Conservatory ,Tempered Glass Canopy,Glass Balustrade,Glass Handrail  Interior Application: Tempered Frameless Shower Door,Glass Partition ,Glass Table Tops, Glass Furniture,Glass blind…

  • Architectural Heat Strengthened Glass

    Architectural Heat strengthened glass: Processed by tempering oven through 670-720 degree heating and cool down with wind, but different from toughened, the cooling process is much slower. Before process, monolithic glass can be enhanced: ♦ Appearance enhancement: Enhancement- Appearance ♦ Color Enhancement: Enhancement- Color ♦ Performance Enhancement: Enhancement-coating Features: ♦ 2 times strength high than float glass. ♦ Radial shards after breaking,but can keep glass integrity ♦ No spontaneous breakage. Applications: As architectural heat strengthened glass has higher strength and no spontaneous breakage…

  • Architectural Heat Soaked Glass

    Architectural Heat Soaked Glass Introduction of Morn heat soaked glass. Architectural Toughened glass spontaneous breakage (about 3‰) without warning due to the expansion of nickel sulfide inclusions(NiS) present within float glass, it is inherent potential risks of toughened glass. Learn more about tempered glass self explosion:Tempered glass and Nis Heat soaking test is good solution to test the toughened glass and reduce the probability of self-exploded and ensure quality,the shattering proof process is used for high requirement projects. Production capability:…

  • Architectural Laminated Glass

    Architectural Heat strengthened glass Introduction of Morn laminated glass products: Laminated glass: Laminated glass is combining two or more lites of glass permanently with one or more interlayers,the interlayer can be PVB,EVA and SGP interlayer,new products also contain dichroic films,smart films to make the glass more functional.the film can keep glass integrity and prevent potential damages,so laminated glass is also called laminated safety glass. Features: 1. Acoustic. Reduce at least 30Dbs noise across the glass. 2. Aesthetic.PVB/EVA laminated can be…

  • Architectural double glazed units/insulated glass

    Architectural Insulated Glass Units(double glazed units): Introduction of Morn double glazed units/Insulated glass Insulated glass,also named insulated double glazing,double glazed panels,or double glazed units,it’s made with 2 lites of single piece glass,clear/tinted/low-E coated/laminated etc and spacer(aluminium,steel,warm edge) ,as well as other accessories(desiccant,silicon)to create a insulated structure glass. The air space between 2 piece glass will increase the thermal insulation performance of the glass and decrease the overall glass U value from 5.84W/m2.K to below 2W/M2.K.When filling argon inside the glass,and…

  • Architectural Dichroic glass

    Introduction of Morn dichroic glass Architectural Dichroic glass can display two different colors which shift with different lighting and viewing angles.It is new product that allow architects to realize fantastic decoration concept. Several processing ways to make dichroic glass: ♦ Stick 3M dichroic film on glass surface. ♦ Laminate dichroic film inside laminated glass. ♦ Soft coated dichroic coating by Sputtering process. Check dichroic applications:   Cases   China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

  • Architectural Self-cleaning glass

    Introduction of Morn self-cleaning glass With the increasing requirement for architectural easy-cleaning glass ,such as glass shower room,ventilated  glass facade,outer lite of windows, Morn promoted new product:Architectural self-cleaning glass. The Nano coating on glass can last 3 years ,during the lifetime the hydrophobic coating can protect the glass free from dirt and grime,save your time and money. The biggest advantage is low costs compared with world brand products,Morn self-cleaning glass is just USD3/SQM high than untreated glass. Click here for self-cleaning…

  • Creative Architectural Glass

    Introduction of Morn creative glass Morn offers Clear float glass,low iron float glass, tinted glass,aluminium/silver mirror as well if required. Beside traditional architectural glass, Morn devote to developing more new creative architrectural glass products, containing: ♦ EVA Laminated Glass ♦ Smart Glass ♦ Back Paint Glass ♦ Decorative Mirrors ♦ Carton packed shower rooms ♦ Fire Proof Glass ♦ Bullet Proof Glass ♦ Blind Glass ♦ Double Curved Glass ♦ To be continued China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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