Facade&glass industry related Machines&Tools Supply

Facade&glass industry related Machines&Tools Supply

With superior experience in glass and facade materials industry,Morn is able to build good relationship with all kinds of machine and tools factories,we’re pleased to offer below products for clients all over the world.

Glass loading and unloading tools:

The tools helps clients to load and unload containers of glass within 30 Mins.

TOYOTA-Tailift forklift

Tailift forklift helps clients to unload and handle heavy crate packed glass and cut to size glass products.

Laminated Glass cutting line

The laminated glass cutting line help clients to cut laminated sheets efficiently.

Steel racks for glass transport,Facade module dry rack

L shape,A shape,disposable steel racks for glass transport and storage.

Height Adjustable and assembled dry racks for unitized facade modules.

Lifting Machine

The lifting machine help clients to lift heavy facade unitized panels from ground to the installed floor easily.


To be continued…

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